M9 Assault Medical Backpack

The M-9 Assault Medical Backpack from Tactical & Survival Specialties, Inc. was specifically designed to better fulfill the needs of the operational medic involved in vehicle or aircraft operations.

Additional Features

  • Bottom pocket designed to hold IV solutions (accessible through front zipper or from inside of pack via trap door bottom)
  • Internal zipper pulls are red para-cord for fast and easy identification
  • MOLLE attachment points on side of pack body and front flap
  • Drain hole located in bottom
  • Webbing loose ends on backpack straps and waist strap have hook and loop securing straps (for tying up bitter ends)
  • 3” x 2” Hook and loop patch (loop side) sewn on front cover for IR identifiers
  • Made in the USA with all US components
  • Closed dimensions: 20”H x 13”W x 3”D

The problem with conventional medical packs is the bulk and thickness of the bag interfering with the medic’s ability to sit or move in vehicles or aircraft. The M-9 was designed and created with the guidance of a Physician’s Assistant (PA), who also served as a Special Operations 18D medic, to provide a backpack with a very thin profile that carries the necessary medical support items for operational medics.Internal Compartments

  • 2 Airway Supply Panels (one pre-sewn, one manual)
  • 4 Removable internal pockets (located in main compartment)

Pack flap with two small mesh pockets, hidden pocket behind airway panelCarry Options

  • Carry handles located on the top of pack body and flap
  • Backpack straps and waist strap
  • Top of pack is configured with two removable straps (via fastec buckles) designed to be sewn onto body armor or a load bearing vest

How to order

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