Hypothermia Prevention and Management Kit

The new & improved Hypothermia Prevention and Management Kit (HPMK) is designed to meet the extreme and specific needs of patient warming during casualty evacuation. The high performance Heat Reflective Shell (HRS™) allows for 360° access to the casualty and closes to the underside with hook and loop closures for greater weather protection during standard and non-standard casualty evacuation.

The HRS™ has a built-in hood for total protection of the patient during transport. The kit also contains a self- heating, four-cell shell liner designed to sustain continuous dry heat. The kit is vacuum-packaged in a rugged, pliable pouch with quick-rip tabs that allow easy access and rapid deployment. The Heat Reflective Shell (HRS™) and the Self-heating Panel (Ready Heat 1 or 4 panel) are also sold individually.

How to order

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