PaxLight Deluxe Battery Base Kit

Don’t be left in the dark when AC power is unavailable and your patients’ life depends on it. The PAXLight battery base system has up to an 8 hour life span when AC power is unavailable, interrupted or disconnected. The battery base allows the PAXLight to be independently mounted and wheels allow unit to be easily moved as needed and fixed legs keep it stable. The batteries are commercially available deep discharge, AC rechargeable marine batteries with LED indicators to show current charge and discharge levels. The battery base units come with a heavy duty easily stackable, transportable case with removable lid.

Special Features

  • Uninterrupted Take Over When Power Is Disconnected
  • The PAXLight® mounts to Battery Base for transportability of the entire system
  • The Battery Base supplies power up to 8 hours with uninterrupted take over when A/C power is interrupted or disconnected. Batteries recharge when AC power is connected
  • LED indicators show charge and discharge levels
  • Wheels allow unit to be easily moved as needed and fixed legs keep it stable
  • Employs commercially available deep discharge marine batteries
  • Utilizes a MIL spec ECS heavy duty stackable military grade case known for its ruggedness, and ease of transport. Removable lid type design

Kit Contents

  • Portable Charger
  • Allows battery unit to be charged independent of the PAXLight being installed on the battery base and PAXLight plugged into AC power.
  • Spare Parts
  • Additional screws and nuts to attach cover for battery head
  • Special ECS Case
  • Utilizes a superior ECS heavy duty, stackable storage case

How to order

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