Ready heat blankets

The Ready-Heat 4 and 1 panel are being used in all parts within the Dutch Military. All Ready-Heat Blankets come individually sealed in an oxygen free protective poly-bag. When the bag is opened, the blanket’s heating elements react with oxygen in the atmosphere and generate heat without the need of an external power source. They will maintain their temperature for over 8 hours. Our proprietary panel technology is used for slow, continuous and consistent warming. They heat up gradually over a period of 15-20 minutes and after reaching a peak temperature of 104°F/40°C they will provide sufficient warmth and comfort. The Ready-Heat Panel Blanket line is US Military Medical Protocol and approved for fixed wing and rotary aircraft.

Ready-HeatTM, originally designed for the military, is also being used by

  • Hospitals
  • Trauma Centers
  • Emergency Rooms
  • Fire Departments
  • Rescue Squads
  • Rescue Patrols
  • EMS Ambulances
  • EMS Helicopters
  • All Medical & Emergency Facilities

These single-use, disposable blankets were invented and designed by TechTrade. The warming pack, non-woven fabric, and manufacturing technologies that allow for the blankets unique performance were refined over several years of research and development. The Ready-HeatTM Blankets are a Class 1 Medical Device and received FDA and CE clearance in 2004. A patent was granted in 2006.The blankets are manufactured in the U.S.A., using a proprietary Radio Frequency welding system.After many months of exhaustive laboratory and field testing and analysis, our Ready-HeatTM blankets have been approved by all branches of the United States Military and have been assigned NSN numbers. The four different versions manufactured for the military have been assigned the following NSN numbers:

  • Ready-Heat 1 panel: 6532-01-538-1525
  • Ready-Heat 4 panel: 6532-01-525-4062

Since 2005, TechTrade has shipped tens of thousands of blankets to the DOD, Army, Air Force, Marines and military contractors. The contractors put Ready-HeatTM in their new Hypothermia Prevention Kits, which are now carried by U.S. ARMY Combat Casualty Care Medics. Some of the blankets are used in Iraq and Afghanistan to treat and transport wounded soldiers from the battlefield and during transport back to hospitals in both the U.S. and Germany. TechTrade LLC also produces a one panel Ready-HeatTM mini blanket. It was developed for a variety of purposes including warming IV fluid in the field where currently no practical product exists. In fact combat medics report that they place the IV units under their armpits for warming. The Ready-HeatTM mini blanket is adjustable with it's hook and loop attachments and is used to warm extremities (arms and legs) for frostbite and the onset of hypothermia.

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