The Smart Tag™

The Smart-tag is being used by the Ducth Defense this product is part of the standard equipment of the Military and it is also being used by serveral First Aid organisations. Also this product is part of the disaster contingency plan in serverla cities, like e.g. New York and London.

The Smart Tag™ is a dynamic, high visibility, triage tag. Its unique folded design means that effective triage is quick and simple. It is usable in all conditions and will provide a permanent record of treatment and patient details that will survive the decontamination process. The Smart Tag™ has military standard barcodes for tracking patients and is resistant to water, chemicals, and body fluids, making it the ideal triage tag for today's emergency response.

Compatible with either START Triage or the Triage Sieve. The Smart Tag™ is in use by London Ambulance Service, New York State, Nevada State, Illinois, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Acadian Ambulance, The British military and Metropolitan Medical Response (MMRS) Cities across the US. It is also taught on the international recognized Major Incident Medical Management and Support (MMIMS) Courses.

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