The Xtract®SR is a rescue litter designed for operators to quickly move the combat casualty from point of wounding to definitive medical care. Unlike traditional stretchers, the Xtract®SR provides a padded fabric cocoon for the casualty to keep them warm, comfortable and accessible. Casualties can then be lifted or pulled across challenging environments maximising patient care and operator safety.

Xtract®SR is rated to 660lbs, weighs only 7lbs, packs down to 9” x 22” casualties can be loaded in as little as 30secs


The development of the Xtract™SR Stretcher started following the experiences of militaries in Afghanistan and Iraq. Exposure of troops to improvised explosive devices led to an increased number of casualties presenting with above or below-knee amputations. Evacuation using legacy equipment from the point-of-wounding created secondary injuries and compromised life-saving treatments. The Xtract™SR Stretcher provides solutions to these challenges.

The size and the weight of the Xtract™SR Stretcher allows it to be carried by combat troops and rescuers, making it immediately available. Its patented design cocoons casualties, protects treatment and minimises movement. These features improve the outcome prospects of a casualty.

Strength and durability are at the core of the design of the Xtract™SR Stretcher. Duralite fabric creates a lightweight, immensely strong and durable solution that copes with any operational environment.

The Xtract™SR Stretcher is a modular system that can be scaled to your mission requirements. Whatever the obstacles, the Xtract™SR Stretcher provides a solution.

The Xtract™SR Stretcher is our smallest, lightest solution, ideal for foot patrol operations and buddy rescue.

The Xtract™SR Stretcher weighs 1kg with a 300kg maximum load.

The Xtract™SR Module includes the Xtract™SR Stretcher, Xtract™SR Base and Xtract™SR XStraps, and is ideal when drag evacuations or prolonged care scenarios are anticipated.

The Xtract™SR Complete provides all the functionality of the Xtract™SR Module and includes the highly versatile Xtract™SR Backpack.

"The Xtract™SR Stretcher has travelled with me from Argentina to Afghanistan and is worth its weight in gold. Practical, lightweight, extremely robust, the stretcher has enabled me to securely package and extract patients from challenging situations, whilst simultaneously contributing to hypothermia prevention."
Intensive Care/Flight Paramedic
NAEMT National Coordinator.

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