The Blast Gauge™

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) from an explosive blast remains a significant problem for military personnel, especially those involved in counter insurgency operations. Mild to moderate TBI may be difficult to detect immediately post event, with cognitive or motor deficits manifesting weeks or months later.

The Blast Gauge™ device provides a breakthrough capability for the military, with a variety of mounting methods in the harshest of environments. The unit captures blast exposure and provides immediate feedback for triage, and detailed data for post-event analysis to guide medical treatment for potential TBI.

The wide variability in explosions and physical configurations during a blast, coupled with variability in human response to each blast, makes understanding blast TBI a significant challenge. Understanding this complex problem will require logging of exposure coupled with long term tracking of soldier health to correlate blast exposure with injury. Wide deployment of sensors is critical to build a robust understanding of this problem and to enable better prediction of injury due to blast. The Blast Gauge™ system has been successfully fielded in Afghanistan, providing this critical exposure logging capability for triage and treatment of traumatic brain injury.

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