Xtract®2 is a lightweight, robust extraction device which can be carried or dragged from the point of injury. Extrication can be achieved by use of some or all of the nine handles which are located at measured intervals around the base layer of the stretcher.

Utilizing the Duraelite® fabric, the Xtract®2 stretcher has been specifically designed for personnel who perform tactical and technical rescues within the austere environment.

When low cube size and minimal weight are paramount, Xtract®2 gives responders a viable capability to secure and evacuate patients, preventing secondary injury, hypothermia and protecting existing treatments.

The Xtract®2 stretcher has been specifically designed to be anatomically adjustable to fit casualties of different heights.

Clinical Parameters

The seriously injured operational casualty presents personnel providing initial care and evacuation with a complex scenario. Often caused by IED, research indicates many of the above casualties have sustained full or partial limb amputation.

Protection of existing treatments

Significant advances in life saving skills allow the individual soldier and team medic to significantly increase the chances of survival from life threatening conditions. Rapid extraction often becomes a key link in the chain of survival with inappropriate extraction having the potential to disrupt and damage life saving care, with tourniquets being undone and dressings disrupted.


Foremost, a platform that has considered the requirements of the casualty must be readily available, the Xtract®2 provides a practical solution that can be in-bedded at point of wounding locations.

The Xtract®2, is designed to securely cocoon the casualty, ensuring limbs and exposed medical devices are held securely inside the stretcher, minimizing the chance of disruption.

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