ARS Needle Decompression (14g x 3.25")

The ARS Needle is part of the standard equipment of the doctors and nurses within the Dutch Military, Combat Life Safers (CLS) and Special Forces Medic (SF Medic) within the Dutch Military.


  • 3.25 x 14ga Needle/Catheter
  • Rugged Needle/Catheter Protective Tube
  • Easy ID Textured Twist Top
  • Flash Chamber Cap Removed for Immediate Confirmation
  • Patent(s) Pending

The new Needle Decompression kit is the result of a two year collaboration with Pre-hospital providers and data obtained from ongoing combat operations. Our patented design increases the likelihood of success in the management of casualties who present with signs and symptoms of a tension pneumothorax. An easy opening needle system has been removed to allow for immediate confirmation of placement. Through the use of Analytical Thinking, Evidence- Based Medicine, inherent survival stress behaviours were identified and fail-safe characteristics implemented into the product design.