BOA Constricting band

One of the best inventions in peripheral IV access. Never before has a constricting IV band been so effective in contributing to successful IV attempts. Once applied to the upper extremity, the BOA’s revolutionary patented design utilizes a rolling method which transfuses venous blood to the distal veins yet still allows arterial flow. Implementation of this rolling technique distends the veins thus making IV access quicker and more effective even in the most challenging patients. The BOA features a Quick Click connector and “two finger” removal Quick Release eliminating the need for tying and, in many cases, re-tying, which is common with conventional IV bands. Decrease your “time on task”, whether treating combat casualties, civilian trauma patients or medical patients with poor vascular access. The BOA IV Constricting Band is a critical component of successful IV cannulation.

Originally designed for our Armed Forces, now available to our First Responders..

For the maximum effect, be sure to place the BOA as high up on the extremity as allowable.