Special Medics Bleeding Control Sheet

The Special Medics "Bleeding Control Sheet" consists of 8 x "Bleeding Control Kit Deluxe" attached to the inside wall of the sheet with Velcro. The individual Bleeding Control Kit Deluxe is widely used by specialized police units, expatriates, journalists, NPO cameramen, and NGO personnel working in crisis areas. Since 2017, our sheet has also been widely purchased to statically (invisibly) equip public places with medical products already present on-site during major incidents.

The Bleeding Control Sheet, like the individual Bleeding Control Kits, is designed with minimal material and developed around the products, everything fits precisely and is neatly packed, making functioning under stress easier.

The individual Bleeding Control Kits Deluxe are easy to detach from the Sheet.

The most important thing is to quickly distribute life-saving products at the location of the incident!

8 Bleeding Control Kits

The "Bleeding Control Sheets" are intended to strategically position public places with handy life-saving resources. The aim is to do this according to the same principles as with AED cabinets. The presence of "Bleeding Control Sheets" enables people present at locations with many trauma victims to perform life-saving medical interventions. In such complex incidents, emergency services may not be able to save the lives of victims bleeding out in just minutes. Additionally, it is beneficial for emergency services to have recognizable life-saving products already present on-site that they can access.

In addition to the 8 Bleeding Control Kits on the Bleeding Control Sheet, there is also a NAR QuikLitter in an insert pocket, which allows people present to move trauma victims towards deployed emergency services.

The Bleeding Control Kits can be customized to personal preference; you can find our recommended fillings and the filling of the Bleeding Control Kit Deluxe at our website.