Talon II Backrest

1. Allows patients to be placed at 90° or 45° angles 2. Made of Nomex/Kevlar-blend fabric 3. Attaches to the 2 in. poles of the Talon® litter system or the Raven® Model 90C 4. Firm, comfortable, and secure

For appropriate treatment and improved comfort, supine is not always the best position for patients. When casualties can be better served by being placed at a 45° or 90° angle, the Talon® Series Back Rest offers an efficient and reliable solution.
This litter backrest attaches to the 2 in. poles of the Talon® system, the premiere litter system on the market. The backrest is also engineered to fit the Raven® Model 90C.
The backrest cover is made of a Nomex/Kevlar blend: Nomex for flame-resistance and heat-energy absorption; Kevlar for abrasion-resistance and long life. The fabric can be repeatedly washed or dry-cleaned without losing these critical properties.